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We carry the following specific types of shade trees which are normally in stock.
Availability is subject to change and prior sale.


Pinus nigra — Austrian Pine  SOLD OUT NOT BRINGING BACK

Height: 60 ft. • Spread: 40 ft. • Appearance: Domed tree with dense, spreading branches with long, dark green needles. Bears long, ovoid cones 2-1/2-3in long.

Pinus strobus — White Pine

Height: 50-80 ft. • Spread: 20-40 ft. • Soft pleasant appearance: Conical tree when young  later outline distinctive horizontal branches as it matures. Needles in fives, long 2-5", soft and pliable, bluish-green needles and cylindrical, tapered cones 3-7in long by 1 1/2in. broad, often curved. Can tolerate some shade, susceptible to sweeping winds. Fast growing 50' - 70' in 25 - 40 years.


Picea abies — Norway Spruce

Height: 40-60 ft. • Spread: 25-30 ft. • Appearance: Conical tree when young, columnar when mature. Stiff straight or curved with horny point dark green needles 1/2" - 1" long. Cylindrical cones 4-8" long 1 1/2" - 2" wide. Growth rate: Medium to fast, sun or light shade.

Picea glauca — White Spruce

Height: 40-60 ft. • Spread 10-20 ft. • Appearance: Broad dense pyramidal in youth, becoming a tall, fairly narrow, dense spire, compact and regular, with horizontal ascending branches. Blue-green needles  1/2"in. - 3/4"in. long incurved with horny point, green variable to blue-green. Cones 1"- 1 1/2" in. long, 1/2"in. to 3/4" wide. green to purplish when young, light brown when mature.

Black Hills Spruce (Variety)

Height: 40 ft. • Spread 20 ft. • Appearance: Narrowly or broadly conical tree. More dense than White Spruce with a compact habit. Blue-green needles and Ovoid cones 1 1/2 - 2 1/2in long

Picea omorika — Serbian Spruce     SOLD OUT NOT BRINGING BACK

Height: 50 ft. • Spread: 30 ft. • Appearance: Narrow, spire-like tree. Bears green needles with silver underside and ovate-oblong cones 1 1/4 - 3in long.

Picea pungens — Colorado Spruce

Height: 30-60 ft. • Spread: 10-20 ft. • Appearance: A dense, regular narrow to broad pyramid with horizontal stiff branches to the ground. Needles: 3/4" in. - 1 1/4" in. long, rigid, stout, very prickly, Gray-green to blue-green, young growth soft, silvery blue-gray. Cones 2" - 5" in. long, 1 - 1 1/4" wide, green with violet bloom when young, turning light yellow-brown when ripe. Soil: rich well drained moist soil.

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